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Pot Luck Dinner

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Burlington’s branch of the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF) is pleased to host

pro-democracy constitutional lawyer David Cobb during his four day tour of Vermont (Sunday, January16 – Thursday, January 20).

David is a terrific speaker on the subject of ‘corporate personhood’ and the need to amend the Constitution to

regain our 1st Amendment and electoral rights. The first anniversary of the Supreme Court Decision on

Citizens Unitedvs. the FEC is January 21. Please come to some of the events listed below and

Organized money is backing endless war, environmental damage, and opposition to climate change.
The only way to fight organized money is with organized people!


Sunday, Jan. 16: Fletcher Free Library, Burlington: 1 – 3 pm:

David Cobb will help us launch

WILPF’s 5-week study group “Challenging the Myth of Democracy.”


Monday, Jan. 17 noon to 2PM

at the Unitarian Church (head of Church St.)

"Corporate 'Personhood' and the impact of the Supreme Court decision

on our elections and free speech: can it be reversed?" Refreshments will be served.

Monday, Jan. 17, 7pm at the Mountain Top Film Festival, Waitsfield,

David Cobb will do a Q&A following the film
THIS LAND IS OUR LAND: The Fight to Reclaim the Commons.

Presented by Vermont Commons. More info:


Tuesday: Jan. 18: Bethany Church Fellowship Hall 6:30 PM.

Sponsored by Central Vermont WILPF, Rural Vermont

Organize Now In Your Area For
Rallies or Demonstrations on (or around)
Friday, January 21st, 2011
1st Anniversary of the U.S. Supreme Court ruling on Citizens United v. the Federal Election Commission.
80% of Americans polled last spring said the Supreme Court ruling was wrong!
BACKGROUND: Corporate America is raking in more profits than ever before. They are using those dollars to

weaken the safety net that protectsWe The People and to effectively silence us. The new Congress will be stacked

with members who owe their allegiance to the vastly wealthycorporations that funded their campaigns.

They will take their lead from weapons manufacturers, big ag, dirty old energy corporations,

corporate polluters and free trade junkies. The ‘profits at any price’ crowd.
The Citizens United ruling allows such corporations to spend as much money as they wish to sway elections,

reward those whoact in the interest of Corporate America, and punish those who stand in their way.
In poll after poll, Americans say corporations have too much power. It’s time to put an end to Corporate Rule

based on the false doctrineof personhood and corporate constitutional rights.
Join the Democracy movement,
It’s the civil rights movement of the 21st Century. Corporate Power stops every issue WILPF works to advance.
Join the nearly 100,000 Americans who have signed the “Motion to Amend” (at Together

with Move To Amend,WILPF is organizing to build a national popular movement. We aim to pass a Constitutional

amendment asserting that human beings,not corporations, are entitled to constitutional rights.
This amendment would establish that money is not speech and that corporations do not have rights under the 1st, 4th,

5th, 6th and14th amendments. Rights they got illegitimately by Supreme Court fiat and are using against

We The People to fund endless war,damage the planet and end self-rule.


More on David Cobb:
In 2002 Cobb ran for state Attorney General in Texas, pledging to use the office to revoke the charters of corporations

that break the law.He was the Green Party nominee for US President in 2004. The Cobb-LaMarche campaign initiated

and funded the vote recount in Ohiothat uncovered voter fraud in that presidential election.

He graduated from the University of Houston Law School in 1993.

Cobb is the Campaigns Director for Democracy Unlimited of Humboldt County and is a Fellow

with Liberty Tree: The Foundation forthe Democratic Revolution. He is also a principal with the Program on

Corporations Law & Democracy, is a co-founder and memberof the Board of Directors for the Green Institute, and

serves on the Sierra Club's national Corporate Accountability Committee.

Born in Houston, Texas in 196 (?), Cobb moved with his family at age six to San Leon, a small shrimping village

on the Gulf of Mexico.He spent his childhood in rural poverty, and grew up in a house his father built with his

own hands. Issues of social and economic justiceare real and personal for him.


stop sign with handStop the Militarization of Burlington!

Do we want F-35 Bombers, Carbon War Rooms, and Endless Occupations--Or Green Jobs,

Sustainability, and Funding for Public Services?

Thurs., January 20th
7 PM
Contois Auditorium
City Hall, Burlington

The opposition to the F-35 has been resounding since it was announced that the

Burlington International Airport was a finalist to host the new jet fighter and bomber that the

Pentagon has been developing for the past decade.

Plans were also finalized to make Burlington a test city for Lockheed Martin's Carbon War Room,

an initiative who's stated goalis to use "the power of entrepreneurs to implement market-driven solutions

to climate change. To make matters worse the Vermont Air National Guard base is in the midst

of an environmental clean up brought onby years of fuel dumping that will now cost taxpayers $18 million.

Do we really want military contractors running

our climate change initiatives?

Please come to this forum for more information on how to oppose the further militarization of Burlington.

For more info call Jim
at 802-309-4824.


Do you feel safer knowing your government

is spending trillions of dollars for war?





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WILPF members attend anti-war rally organized by Code Pink


anti war rally 1    bush lied innocents died sign at rally    code pink rally







































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